General Information about the Compak System

The Compak System is a small scale, modular, fully integrated, engineered composite panel manufacturing process plant. Nominal capacity is : 40,000 M³ per year (10 MMSF ½” Basis)

The Compak process consists of a number of modules, which are all designed in-house by CS Process Engineering Ltd to ensure process integration, and smooth flawless movement of materials through each stage of panel manufacture.

  • Buffer Storage and Elevator
  • Resination and Mat Laying
  • Caul Plate Transport
  • Press
  • Saw Table
  • Panel Cooling
  • Controls
  • Dust Extraction
  • Recycle of process residue

The Compak System in most instances handles raw materials “as harvested”, but can also offer a range of plant and process alternatives. These include:

  • Raw Material Drier
  • Panel Sanding Unit
  • Plant Automation
  • Additional Material Preparation ( Wood Solids )
  • Product Additive Spray
  • Multi-Fuel Boilers

In addition to the standard plant, CS Process Engineering Ltd supply comprehensive back up facilities with every contract these facilities include:

  • Spare parts inventory
  • Product Quality Assurance equipment
  • Comprehensive Operating & Maintenance manuals
  • Maintenance support by fax modem
  • Operational Training