The Compak System

The Compak System is a small scale, modular, fully integrated, engineered composite panel manufacturing process plant. Compakboard’s Agri Fibre Boards are the product of processing an Agricultural Residue Fibre, or Wood Flake with a Polymeric MDI binding Resin. Materials technology development has been pursued on several fibre groups, such as:

  • Sugar Cane Bagasse
  • Wood flakes (Router or Planer shavings)
  • Cereal Straws (Wheat, Barley, Oats, Rice,Triticale)
  • Grasses (Rye, Flax, Hemp, Linseed, Miscanthus)
  • Other Crop Residues (Maize, Oil seed Rape (Canola))

From straw to Board

Experience and knowledge gained from years of engineering and testing has established accurate prediction models,for the determination of engineered panel characteristics. There are a vast number of othermaterials that can be used as raw material for the Compak process.

The facilities at CS Process Engineering Ltd’s headquarters, provide materials research services for all potential Compak users. Agri Fibre Board products can be made from virtually any fibrous material, and work to determine the suitability of raw materials can be undertaken on request. If you have a source of raw material that you would like to investigate as a potential raw material for high quality panel manufacture please let us know.

Please contact Compakboard to discuss your “opportunity”.