Technical Info

Technical info: All Compakboards and products undergo rigorous testing to confirm their strength and suitability for purpose. We have also ensured that they have been fully assessed under building control regulations and EU environmental standards. As a result, we have received independent verification of Compakboards suitability to replace MDF and/or plasterboard in almost any situation, and of our industry-leading green performance.

Weight and Load Bearing Ability

The weight and load bearing ability of Compakboard panels depends on their density – Compakboards are available in low, medium and high density. However, for comparison purposes, a 12.5mm thick Compakboard paper panel can hold up to 30kg on a single screw. This compares to just 3kg for standard plasterboard. Compakboard agri fibre board can hold up to 60kg on a single screw.

Impact Resistance

Plasterboard is notoriously susceptible to impact damage. Any Compakboard product offers superior impact resistance to plasterboard, and our paper panels and high density strawboard are both rated as offering “high” impact resistance, the same as MDF.

Fire Resistance

Untreated Compakboard paper panels were tested for fire propagation in accordance with BS476 and showed nil flame spread. All Compakboard paper panels are deemed fire resistant for up to half an hour or 1 hour and Class 0 surface spread of flame as standard – in other words, non-combustible. Our straw panels, meanwhile, when treated with an additional fire resistant ingredient,  can withstand fire for an hour.

Moisture Resistance

All Compakboards offer good moisture resistance as standard, something that is an optional (and often expensive) extra for MDF and chipboard. Compakboard has also been tested successfully for resistance to timber destroying fungi.

Environmental Standards

Made entirely from agri fibre waste, Compakboard meets the highest environmental standards. In particular, all our products are free from formaldehyde, have negligible VOC levels and a low carbon footprint.

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