Compakboard Paperboard

Our 100% recycled paper panels are highly fire-resistant, especially compared to standard MDF, chipboard and plasterboard. Compakboard Paperboard is moisture-resistant as standard and has greater load bearing capacity than plasterboard. What’s more, our paper panels come pre-finished to a high standard – meaning there’s no need for on-site decoration saving you time and money.

Compakboard Paperboard is produced out of everyday waste paper – newspapers, magazines, etc. – which is pulped, then mixed with waste gypsum and recycled water before being reformed into dense sheet material that is ideal for imaginative and environmentally friendly interior design. It can be sculpted into individual bespoke patterns, or is simply available as modular laminated panels.

Already used by leading retailers and in offices around the UK, Compakboard Paperboard is well suited to high usage environments as it requires little maintenance to retain its high quality finish. What’s more, once you’ve finished using it, it can simply be recycled again to produce more paper panels.

Compakboard Paperboard is also a popular choice in public sector buildings such as schools where longevity is essential to reduce ongoing maintenance costs.

We offer Compakboard paper panels in various standard sizes – 10 mm, 12.5 mm, 15 mm and 18 mm, 2500 x 1249mm and 3040 x 1249mm.

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