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Compakboard Agri Fibre Board

Compakboard agri-fibre board provides a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to MDF, chipboard and plasterboard (now designated hazardous waste). Available in various density’s and can be used in almost any situation where those materials would traditionally be used. Compakboard is ideal for panels and fixtures. It’s also available unfinished for manufacturers wishing to produce their own eco products. Compakboards are made from agri fibre waste which offers specific advantages and are better suited to certain applications.

We can also offer a range of specialist coatings and finishes to provide you with durable, high-quality panels and fixtures that are immediately ready for installation with no on site decoration required. Read more..


Compakboard Paperboard is produced out of everyday waste paper – newspapers, magazines, etc. – which is pulped, then mixed with waste gypsum and recycled water before being reformed into dense sheet material that is ideal for imaginative and environmentally friendly interior design. Read more..

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