Light ProductsLight Products

Innovative by weight. Heavy products place a burden on the environment and mankind. An important innovative step is reducing the weight of these products. Alongside such applications as in cars, electronics, etc., wood board material can be further developed into lighter variants, without sacrificing its excellent mechanical characteristics.

Problem Description

Product development is growing exponentially: electronics, domotics, new materials, etc. This also applies to board material. A major impulse for change is the demand for lighter material. Light material offers a number of significant advantages:

  • The lighter materials are made, the less raw materials are required. The future of the world depends to a significant degree upon the judicious use of the available raw materials;
  • Furthermore, light board material offers distinct ergonomic advantages. The handling and processing of heavy material calls for appropriate tools and imposes a heavy physical load on the user;
  • Transportation costs, too, are to a great extent determined by the weight of the product. The High Strength characteristics for its relatively Light Weight, make Compakboards an ideal industrial packaging material, reducing transport costs in this industry;
  • Other advantages gained from this aspect of the material, mean that it is easier to handle in applications such as re-usable concrete shuttering board, while being Formaldehyde Free it can be used for food transportation, in particular fresh food and vegetables;
  • Finally, there is the constant search for innovative products, products with new characteristics that open up new fields of application.


The creation of light materials is one of the priorities in Compakboard Heerenveen’s development programme. This research focuses on technical solutions with good mechanical characteristics. Light boards must be capable of being processed in the same way as conventional board materials, both in terms of tools used and surface distribution. Thanks to its sustained research and development efforts, Compakboard Heerenveen can already today propose a light product for most board materials. Compakboards can be used in virtually all applications where conventional boards are currently being used.


Compakboard offers light products for, amongst others, the following applications:

  • Interior decoration
    – Walls, partitions
    – Zones with high humidity
  • Furniture industry
    – Furniture production, interior elements, tables
  • Construction Industry
    – Exhibition halls