Below you will find the characteristics of our Compakboards.

Moisture Resistant

Not afraid of high humidity! All Compakboard panels offer good moisture resistance as standard, something that is an optional & expensive extra for MDF & chipboard. Compakboards have also been tested successfully for resistance to timber destroying fungi. Compakboards limit expansion, swelling & amp; retain their mechanical strength in the most strenuous humid domestic interior conditions thanks to their MDI polyurethane resin. Read more..

Light Products

Innovative by weight. Heavy products place a burden on the environment and mankind. An important innovative step is reducing the weight of these products. Alongside such applications as in cars, electronics, etc., wood board material can be further developed into lighter variants, without sacrificing its excellent mechanical characteristicsRead more..

Health & Environment

For a cleaner world. Made entirely from waste material, Compakboard meets the highest environmental standards. In particular, all our products are free from formaldehyde, have negligible VOC levels and a low carbon footprint. The quality of a house is also determined by the use of nature-friendly products. These products have a significant contribution as a sustainable alternative to plastics and create a pleasant living environment. Read more..

Formaldehyde Free

Compakboard agri fibre panels are manufactured using MDI polyurethane as a binding agent which produces a “Zero Formaldehyde” or “Formaldehyde Free” material. This means that Compakboard agri fibre panels have emissions far below the strict E1 European low formaldehyde (LF) standard and the USA (HUD 24) standard. Read more..