Feature Wall

Wherever you need a high-impact, impressive feature wall, Compakboard can provide you with a green, cost-effective and above all visually stunning solution. Our sculpted or formed panels create unique backdrops for any interior space where design flair, individuality and creativity matter.

With Compakboard panels, interior designers have total freedom to include unique and inspiring feature walls not possible with conventional panel products. We offer a range of designs and finishes that make impressive ‘hero’ walls in-store or help create the right tone in a corporate reception area.For example, pick from an elegant wave, sand or stone finish – all available as standard – or opt for a graphic wall featuring an image of your choice, from logos to campaign photography.

Feature Wall 1 Feature Wall 2

We offer a standard range of elegant formed panels that can be supplied at shorter notice, and can produce repeat patterns to create a continuous contoured effect on a very large scale. Bespoke one off patterns can also be created to your specific design, meaning the only limit is your imagination.

Feature Wall 3 Feature Wall 4

The wall is normally delivered pre-finished ready for installation by your own specialist installers. All packaging, off cuts and waste is fully recycled and brought back to our factories for storage and making back in to new panels or other construction materials. Compakboard’s own installation teams can guarantee complete closed loop recycling ensuring no waste goes to landfill. And when you need to replace or update the wall, let us know and we can collect it, recycle all the materials used, and deliver your next feature.

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