Display wall

In today’s retail environment, almost every wall is a display wall opportunity. Strong and durable Compakboard panels not only allow retailers to manage their displays more sustainably, but can also reduce the cost of maintaining a high-quality display as they stay fresh-looking for longer.

The key to this is the low level of maintenance required. Using advanced coatings and finishes, Compakboard panels are impact-resistant and stain-resistant, meaning they keep their professional look for longer. What’s more, when the display needs to change, they are easily replaced, and all the materials recycled: keeping costs down and significantly reducing the amount of waste created.

From a safety perspective, Compakboard fire resistance is a further benefit: our paper core panels can withstand flames for over one hour. If our display walls are doing their job properly, you won’t have noticed them – but you’ll have seen the merchandise they’re supporting in several high street brand names such as Marks and Spencer.

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