System wall

System Wall offers a practical and sustainable approach to optimising the use of space in offices, shopping centres and individual stores. Essentially, it is a prefabricated solution that enables rapid installation of new interior walls: they simply click into place with no specialist trades needed.

Typical uses include offices, where facilities managers can respond quickly to changes in organisational structure and create new offices, partitions and meeting rooms almost overnight, and in shopping centres, which can offer available space on a more flexible basis. Instead of being tied to fixed units, centres can offer temporary lets of smaller sizes, and support swift refits that enable tenants to open for business faster. System Wall also provides cost effective durable privacy screens in fitting rooms, toilet cubicles, seating and service access panelling.

When not in use, the system wall can be dismantled and left in storage, or returned to Compakboard.

 DNA_Art_Wall  Fitting Room
 Basketball Training Venue  Cubicles