Supermarket trolleys, grubby hands, heavy bags and cases can all take their toll on the appearance of interior walls. Though it is just ordinary wear, tear and grime, the result is a retail environment or public amenity that looks tired and worn. Compakboard can help combat these everyday bumps and marks, offering innovative protection systems that maintain the fresh look of your workplace as well as meeting the highest sustainability standards.

For example, because of its impact resistance, Compakboard is an ideal surface for anywhere that trolleys are used, such as supermarkets, airports and railway stations. The occasional collision is simply absorbed without leaving dents and chips on walls, column casings or corridors. Special laminate coatings provide extra resistance to stains, smears and discolouration, providing a practical and cost-effective solution for high occupancy environments such as schools.

Compakboard is highly fire-resistant, and we also offer a range of special coatings for specific environments, such as our Clean Wall solution, which features an antimicrobial finish to protect against mould and bacteria. This makes it suitable for use in hospitals, kitchens and food preparation areas.

partition 2  hospital_corridor