Compakboard products are designed to fit seamlessly into the build, construction, fit-out and refurbishment process. While not suitable as load-bearing supporting walls, our panels are ideal environmentally-friendly replacements for partition walls, dry-lining, ceilings and even flooring.

With impressive fire resistance, Compakboard panels can be used throughout an office, shop or workplace and are delivered ready to use: there’s no need to redecorate and no need for specialist trade skills such as plastering or decorating.
Strong and durable, Compakboard is a practical solution for tasks like office re-fits –not least because panels can be easily re-used or recycled in the future.

One of the newest additions to the Compakboard range is our Warm Wall solution, designed for hard-to-treat walls in commercial and domestic properties. Used as an interior ‘lining’ material, it acts to reduce heat loss and improve thermal insulation, enabling older properties to meet UK government or EU targets and reducing the demand on energy usage.

Wall Partitions
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