Below you can find many applications for our Compakboards.

Building Industry

Compakboards have found applications within the Building Industry and Construction Industry. The favored panel size most widely used is 2,44m x 1,22m (8′ x 4′). This size is chosen due to physical manhandling constraints. The high strength for lighter weight of the Compakboards further eases panel handling on the construction site. Compakboards are a Moisture Resistant panel material and can be used in the most strenuous humid domestic interior conditions where dimensional stability and retained strength are of great importance. Read More..

Furniture Industry

The attributes of Compakboards are becoming widely appreciated in the Furniture Industry and Interior Fitments industries. Moisture Resistance means the material is suitable for use in High Humidity domestic locations such as Kitchen & Bathroom furniture. Read more..

Interior Decoration

Information will follow soon. Read more..

Doors Industry

Information will follow soon. Read more..