Compakboard is located in Heerenveen in The Netherlands. We are specialized in providing environmental friendly agri fibre board panels, we call “Compakboards” made out of agricultural waste or residue materials. Our Compakboards are Formaldehyde free (E0) moisture / water / fire resistant of excellent quality & recycable. Compakboard stands for “Agri Fibre Board Solutions”. Our commitment to delivering environmental friendly fibreboard products and solutions that are advanced, easy to use, and designed to meet the needs of all our customers worldwide.


  • Contributes to the protection of our environment;
  • Helps you achieve your CSR goals;
  • Demonstrates your commitment to corporate responsibility;
  • Improves consumer brand loyalty;
  • Improves staff well being;
  • Opens your property for business earlier;
  • Protects the safety of building users;
  • Reduces maintenance/refurbishment costs;
  • Keeps your property looking fresher for longer;
  • Benefits the bottom line;
  • Reduces capital outlay;
  • Creates unique interior design features.


  • Awards/accreditations;
  • Made from agri fibre waste material;
  • Sustainable sources;
  • Recyclable;
  • Biodegradeable;
  • Waste/off cuts recycled;
  • Low embodied carbon;
  • Low carbon footprint;
  • Formaldehyde free;
  • No burden on the agricultural industry;
  • VOC.

Compakboard provides a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to MDF, chipboard and plasterboard (now designated hazardous waste) in various density’s and can be used in almost any situation where those materials would traditionally be used. Lightweight yet durable and made from agri fibre waste, Compakboard is ideal for panels and fixtures. It’s also available unfinished for manufacturers wishing to produce their own eco products.